General Secretariat

The Bishops Conference is not only the biannual plenary meeting of the bishops. To ensure that the Conference, as a permanent institution, continues to operate between plenary meetings, it also comprises the Permanent Committee, bishops' commissions and the General Secretariat.

The General Secretariat has overall responsibility for recording, communicating and carrying out the policies and decisions of the Conference. With the bishops' commissions, the General Secretariat assists the Conference in the preparation of these policies by arranging for the provision of expert advice.

The General Secretariat has continuing tasks of liaison with the Apostolic See, the Commonwealth Government and other national bodies. It is responsible for encouraging and coordinating cooperation between bishops' commissions and fostering relations between bishops' conferences of other nations.


Rev Dr Stephen P. Hackett MSC: General Secretary

GPO Box 368
Canberra ACT 2601

T: (02) 6201 9845
F: (02) 6247 6083

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GPO Box 368
Canberra ACT 2601

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