Communication Tips

Did you know that there are 267, 711 known Catholics with disability in Australia?

How are we communicating with, sharing stories with and including people with disability and their families in our media coverage or communication strategies within our parishes and faith communities?

Is that communication effective in not only providing disability awareness but raising the human dignity and rights of people living with the experience of disability?

Below we provide booklet that can assist you in starting a discussion in your parish, school or faith community.

Communication Tips (PDF 939 KB)

As faith communities, it is important that we use acceptable and appropriate language when referring to people with disability.

Words Matter when we are addressing and referring to people with disability.

Correct and positive descriptions and language that focus on capacity and ability, respects and affirms the person as a whole person with many dimensions and gifts other than their disability.

The handout offers guidelines in appropriate and acceptable language.

Words Matter (PDF 54 KB)


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