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On Monday 25 April 2016, the Catholic Church in Australia will commemorate the 100th anniversary of ANZAC Day.
The readings and gospel for the Fourth Sunday of Easter are appropriate for ANZAC Day. The commemoration of ANZAC Day can also be acknowledged as part of the Sunday Mass through the choice of hymns, the liturgy, decoration of the Church, the homily, the prayers of intercession or by presence of the Australian flag inside or outside the Church.
The Australian Catholic Bishops Conference has prepared the resources below as a guide for parishes to use on ANZAC Day.


Gracious and loving God,

As we mark the ANZAC Centenary, we remember all who lost their lives through Australia's involvement in wars, conflicts and peacekeeping operations.
On ANZAC Day, we especially remember the courageous actions undertaken by the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps during the First World War.
On this national day of commemoration, we pray for the airmen, sailors and soldiers who died in battle, sacrificing their lives while on duty. We commemorate their bravery and pray for the families who lost loved ones.
As we strive for peace in our country and world, help us to become instruments of your peace. We ask this prayer through Christ our Lord.



Celebrant: In this time of reflection, we call on our God who is full of love and compassion. Confidently, in the hope of the resurrection we pray:

1. We pray for all airmen, sailors and soldiers who served and bravely lost their lives in battle during times of conflict, especially members of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps. May they rest in the peace of Christ and rise in glory on the last day.
Reader/Cantor: Let us pray to the Lord. All: Lord, hear our prayer

2. We remember all families, parents and children who lost loved ones through war. May the light of God's hope and strength comfort them.
Reader/Cantor: Let us pray to the Lord. All: Lord, hear our prayer

3. We pray for all engaged in diplomacy around the world. May they always work towards achieving peace through respectful negotiations and a dialogue of mutual understanding.
Reader/Cantor: Let us pray to the Lord. All: Lord, hear our prayer

4. We pray for all political leaders. May the Holy Spirit help them to make wise decisions and to build relationships that lead to peace.
Reader/Cantor: Let us pray to the Lord. All: Lord, hear our prayer

5. We pray for all engaged in commemorative services and ceremonies today. May their prayers and witness provide comfort and inspiration to all who grieve those who died in war.
Reader/Cantor: Let us pray to the Lord. All: Lord, hear our prayer

Celebrant: God of mercy, send forth your Spirit of peace to our world as we ask you to grant our prayers for those who have fallen in war. We ask this prayer through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


  • Perhaps there is a special local link between your community or diocese and a member of the defence forces? Would it be possible to involve any individual/ex-service personnel in the ANZAC Day Mass in your community
  • Reflecting on the 'Mass for the Fallen' music that was composed to commemorate the ANZAC Centenary, could you spend a few moments exploring the impact of the music and how the words can influence our ability to honour, remember and commemorate all who were involved in various Australian military engagements?
  • Consider the past 100 years since Australian troops were engaged in the First World War. Would it be possible to mention some of the major developments in terms of international relations and diplomacy between Australia and Europe, the United States and Asia, over the past 100 years? You could highlight how some areas have advanced dramatically, whilst other global problems remain?

It is interesting to make parallels between the Gospel passage on 25 April 2015 and the cause for which so many Australians put their lives on the line. "Jesus appeared to the Eleven and said to them: Go into the whole world and proclaim the Gospel to every creature. Whoever believes and is baptised will be saved; whoever does not believe will be condemned.

For further information about the ANZAC Day 'Mass for the Fallen', please visit:

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