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CDPF logo coloured medium horizontal white bgCDPF Limited acts as sponsor with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) of the Catholic Development Funds (CDF), which provides an opportunity for Church bodies to have their funds deposited and managed as an internal treasury arrangement. Through CDPF’s sponsorship arrangement with ASIC, CDFs are able to receive exemptions from requirements that would otherwise apply under the Corporations Act.

CDPF plays an important role in ensuring compliance by CDFs with requirements of ASIC for the purpose of granting exemptions from the provisions of legislation as well as maintaining such registrations, records and information as may be required.

CDPF Purpose

Promote and support the Catholic Church in Australia through the sponsorship of institutionally and financially resilient development funds.

Strategy Statement

Support and guide the boards and management of CDFs so that they are governed and managed soundly and prudently.


As a registered charity in Australia, CDPF Limited is required to comply with the governance standards of the ACNC. CDPF seeks to be open, transparent, respectful, honest and fair in its dealings to ensure the required governance, oversight and management within the regulatory framework are being consistently applied. Integrity, accountability and transparency are reflected in the administrative and governance practices of CDPF.

CDPF Objectives

The charitable objectives of CDPF are to advance religion by:

a) doing all things which may be deemed necessary or advisable to foster, promote, advance, promulgate or further the aims and objects of the Church;
b) sponsoring and promoting the activities of Dioceses of the Church within Australia primarily through their ecclesiastical organisations, Development Funds, Provident Funds, Investment Funds or otherwise and for that purpose to make applications to such Government authorities or otherwise as the Board thinks fit from time to time including but without limiting the generality of the foregoing applications for exemption from the provisions of legislation, whether Federal or State, which may affect any one or more Dioceses;
c) complying with such requirements as may be imposed by any Governmental authorities, or otherwise for the purpose of granting exemptions from the provisions of legislation and maintaining such registrations, records and information as may be required for that purpose from time to time; and
d) undertaking any other activities in furtherance of the above.

CDPF Board

The current Board of CDPF Limited comprises:

  • Francis Moore – Chair
  • Timothy Coyne – Director
  • Richard Cameron – Director
  • Brendan Donohoe – Director
  • Christine Maher – Director
  • Jonathan Campton – Secretary

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